ERPIMS Data Loading Handbook Introduction

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ERPIMS Data Loading Handbook Introduction

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Air Force Civil Engineer Center


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Environmental Resources Program Information Management System



Version 6.1

June 2016


Changes in the Data Structure




The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) is a service center that supports Air Force Environmental programs.  This support includes technical and contract administration support for Air Force installations and Major Commands.  Environmental projects generate technical reports containing large volumes of hydrogeological and chemical data that are difficult to manage with manually maintained systems.  Mere storage and availability of this type of hard-copy data does not represent information, in the modern sense, without the ready access and computational capability of a computer equipped with the query tools of a relational database.


It was with these factors in mind that the Installation Restoration Program Information Management System (IRPIMS) was designed for use by the IRP Program Office and its customers.  IRPIMS was designed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals consisting of hydrogeologists, chemists, applied statisticians, system analysts and environmental project managers.  The major emphasis in designing the system in 1986 was to provide an application tool to assist technical personnel, contract administrators and program managers.  The design of the system took approximately one year, and the first generation system (IRPIMS) was operational in 1987.  Major changes in system architecture were made in 1988, and the second generation system was developed within a year.  During the period of 1995 through 1997, the (ERPIMS 98) data structure was revised and modified for the following reasons:


·         to provide additional information that is required by users

·         to incorporate information from the AFCEC Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)

·         to support initiatives of the Defense Environmental Security Corporate Information Management (DESCIM) Program Management Office (PMO)


In October 1997, the name of the program was changed from IRPIMS to ERPIMS (Environmental Resources Program Information Management System) to reflect the expanded scope of environmental data to be stored in the repository.   Simultaneously, the names of this Data Loading Handbook and the latest release of data loading and validation software have been changed accordingly.


In October 2008, the program went through a new design of the ERPTools validation software to incorporate the updates in networking, and technology.  The ERPToolsX release of the software now communicates in real time with the database to ensure accurate updates of the Valid Value Lists and to submit ERP Data automatically.


At the ERPIMS data warehouse, data is entered, stored and managed using ORACLE 11g, a commercially available relational database management system.  Other application software, existing both on the ERPIMS server and client personal computer (PC) environments, support the system relative to data entry, graphics, statistics, reporting, groundwater modeling, and Geographical Information System (GIS) applications.




Using this Document

The AIR FORCE-WIDE Environmental Resources Program Information Management System (AFW-ERPIMS)

Processing Information with Environmental Resources Program Tools (ERPToolsX)

Table Descriptions

Field Descriptions

Lot Control Numbering Rules

Data Submission Rules and Timelines

DLH Release Notes



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