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Environmental Synectics, Inc. is a small business consulting group, specializing in data intensive environmental restoration projects, and providing data validation services for federal programs since 1994. In 1996, we began development of the industry' first Automated Data Review (ADR) software for a Department of Defense project collecting more than 5,000 samples per month. This system was used to process thousands of laboratory submittals in its first years, and is the foundation of the robust web based ADR we use today.

Synectics employs degreed chemists with extensive laboratory backgrounds and years of experience performing analytical data review. While we offer traditional data validation services, our scientists are able to review laboratory submittals using our ADR

system in much less time than required for a completely manual approach, providing significant cost savings to our clients.

Electronic data processed through Synectics' ADR is screened for completeness and compliance upon upload in a format developed in a joint effort between Synectics, large A/E firms, and their contract laboratories. Validated results can then be exported in any format, including ERPIMS, ERIS, SEDD, and NIRIS. Data has been validated using our ADR for programs managed by the Army, Navy, Air Force, EPA and private clients.


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