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In 1993, Environmental Synectics, Inc. (dba Synectics) was formed to provide professional services to the environmental industry, including project management, technical writing, quality assurance oversight, and electronic data management. Shortly thereafter, we added computer programmers to our staff and began developing web-enabled database applications and decision support systems that have lead the industry. Since then we have been gradually adding to our service offering such that we now offer a complete line of environmental services, from event planning and management through data analysis and final reporting.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@synectics.net


sy·nec·tics [ si nék tiks ]

An approach to solving problems based on the creative thinking of a group of people from different areas of experience and knowledge

[Mid-20th century; from Latin synecticus, producing an effect immediately, via Greek syn, to bring together + ectos, diversity]

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