Document Digitizing

Transitioning from Manual to Digital

Our browser-based document management system allows project teams to transition their existing manual filing, retrieval, and document flow requirements into an easy-to-use, automated, on-line environment. We provide an interface for bulk loading large amounts of data that are exported from other data systems and/or we provide customized data entry forms so data portals handle many different types of data from almost any source or in any format.  Once your data is in the system we perform OCR so that your data is fully text searchable thus easy to access.

Besides offering a lightening fast way to retrieve all sorts of information, our online data portals solve the problem of providing instant access to important documents, files, and scanned images.  Now anyone can access important data files, quickly and securely, using standard web browsers on the Internet - from anywhere in the world!  Permissions can be set as restrictively or permissively as needed.

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