Multiple delivery models offer Synectics' customers the flexibility to choose infrastructure, data management services and professional support levels based on their unique business requirements.  Additionally, we understand that these requirements may change over the life-cycle of the project, and are prepared to meet that need as well.

Full Service

The Full Service delivery model is for customers that require an end-to-end solution for a fixed monthly fee. Synectics maintains total responsibility for operation and maintenance of all components of the data management system. All system components reside in Synectics a managed data center.

Synectics has made significant investment across every layer of the infrastructure stack, including:

  • Database Optimization and Management
  • Backup and recovery
  • Network Availability
  • Security
  • Operations

Dedicated System

Clients may choose to host their applications on a dedicated system, either to ensure dedicated resource allocation, or in preparation for migration of the system in-house.  This approach allows the a data management system to be implemented today, as the client becomes operationally ready for an in-house deployment.

Service Partner

Over the years, Synectics has collaborated with some of the largest consulting firms in the industry, some of which have substantial in-house information technology capabilities.  Strategically, it might not make sense for a large company to outsource data management services.  Therefore, Synectics has developed several teaming concepts, that allow projects to benefit from the expertise from both organizations. For more information on partnering, please contact us at