Synectics and their project partner TEAM Integrated Engineering provided the foundation and functionality of a customized web portal infrastructure which is completely externally hosted and maintained, requiring no hardware, software or administration acquisitions on the part of AETC/Keesler AFB’s PMO staff, AETC and other approved users (other than access to the Internet). Synectics provided customized input and output functionality as defined by the project team. The system has been successfully used as a proposal management tool for a multi-million dollar procurement, and as a real-time mapping tool for the reporting of ongoing repair and demolition data of approximately 1800 housing units.


Synectics provided a web portal infrastructure that includes provision for querying, reporting, charting and exporting of Hurricane Katrina Recovery project management data, through a secure web browser interface. The system is based on Microsoft’s Enterprise platform, and is accessible to users both inside and/or outside of the Keesler AFB installation, as defined by the PMO. The web portal was initially configured around the functionality included in the MS Access Hurricane Database currently in use at Langley AFB. The functionality has since been enhanced to substantially exceed that of the previous system, and is in active use for the following activities:

  • Project-centric tracking of projects, task orders, and contracts
  • Project specific issue tracking system
  • Real time visual status of demolition/repair of over 1800 housing units
  • Integration with Keesler AFB Housing Office information
  • Real time reporting used daily by base personnel, PMO staff, AFCEE staff, and/or contractors
  • Electronic project library containing over 100 project documents
  • Encrypted file sharing system used for secure transmission of project documents and data between users
Project Statistics
Facility: Keesler Air Force Base

FFID: F41624-01-D-8538-0085

Mission: AFCEE HDM Support, Data Management Services for Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi

Contract Value: $325,000